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We are a bunch of beach lovers, loves to travel around the world and lie on the most beautiful beaches we can ever find. We don't like wall street journals and Starbucks but prefer to hold a bottle of ice cold beer and immerse into the sun, sand and the sea. We don't love the air conditioner and just want to float around with the constant sea breeze.

Snorkelling is one of the first activities I got hooked on after our first beach vacation. I got myself a Go Pro and started out my expeditions in South East Asia. We realised in one of our trips in Krabi in 2012 that there was this thing called a full snorkel mask. I was amazed by this invention and went on to the world wide web to check out the price. It was a hefty $99 for one at that time and I knew I cannot afford it.

That was the turning point and prompted me to start sourcing for cheaper alternatives, not compromising quality of course. And from then, my wife and me became the couple who own the latest beach gears on our trips and we were generous enough to share them with the mates we made.

Enquiries started pouring in because our friends are very satisfied with the Quality and Price of our products. Very soon, we started selling through whatsapp groups that bulged to 10,000 users. And yes, we are still keeping this group of friends warm and you may be one of them, so say hi to us if you are ;). It is a big group and we have problems keeping up with the orders, so we decided to put them on the website and hire a few mates to run it.

Finally, we opened a small marketing office in Singapore and a factory in China. Our QCs are all done in China before we send them directly to our customers all over the world. To minimise the total cost, we chose the cheapest and most efficient way to send to your door step. It may take a while but trust us, it's the fastest and most affordable we can offer! Last but not least, what is waiting a few more days versus paying 2 or 3 times more the price? Pay common prices for Quality Products today!

Our team is made up of experienced developers, designers and marketers who do their best to create the interface comfortable to use. It is vital for us to make your shopping easy and pleasant.
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We keep working on our web store and are open for any suggestions. If you have any questions or proposals, please do not hesitate contact us via the links below.
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